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��ϵ�ˣ� ���� ��ϵ�绰�� 0512-52352784
�������䣺 tonny.kong@continental.com


1) ���ݹ�����Ϣ�Լ����˵���������������������߻�еԭ��
Repair and analyze any breakdowns on equipments and facilities
2) ִ�ж���ά�����޼ƻ�
Carry out PM activities
3) �������豸�İ�װ����
Participate in new machine installation and commissioning
4) ģ��ά��, ��������ϴ
Mold changing, cleaning and repairing
5) ʹά�ޱ�׼�������漰���ŵ��������һЩ���飬�Ӷ��Ż�ϵͳ
Come up with suggestions and improvement to optimize the maintenance standard & other requirements
Involve in tools, spare parts, safety&5S implementation and management
7) �쵼���ŵ�������������
Other work assigned by supervisor


1�� �������רҵ��ҵ
Electro-mechanical related professional
2) ��ר, ����豸ά�޹�������
Junior college or relative work experience with technical school
Willing to work on shift
4�������õ���Ӳ��ά�ޣ���е����ѹ����ѹά��, ��������ϵͳ��
Have basic knowledge on electrical hardware, mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, understand electrical system, steam control valves, steam heating system
5) ����Ի�������
Be able to use MS Excel and Word
6) ��������PLC����������
Have Siemens S7 programming is preferred
7������ʩ�� ��¯����ѹ������ձã��г����泵���յ���ģ��ά�ޣ���ϴ �ȹ�����������
Have maintenance experiences on molds & facilities (boiler, compressor, vacuum��crane, forklift, conditioner) is preferred
Basic English documentation reading skills is preferred




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